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Outlook 2016: How to change email settings?

This guide provides you with steps on how to get to your email settings of an existing email account on Outlook to make changes should you need to.

Step 1 – Click on File 

Step 2 – Click on Account settings then Server Settings.

Step 3–  Change Incoming and Outgoing settings as required.

Incoming server:

Outgoing server:

  • Server: mail.example.com

  • Port: 993

  • Encrytion: SSL

  • Secure Password Authentication (SPA): No

  • Outgoing server authentication: Yes, with the same settings as the incoming server

Step 4– Complete ! Click Done

TIP: Should you experience issue any error messages at this point please click here to see our Troubleshooting guide.

Updated on August 30, 2023

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