WordPress: Moving from subdomain folder to public_html

This guide provides you with steps to move your WordPress installation to the root folder should you have installed in a sub like folder /wp  by accident


Step 1– Login to WordPress Admin.

  • The admin panel for your WordPress is normally your domain /wp-admin




Step 2- Go to Settings > General and update your WordPress URL’s

  • Be sure to remove the trailing /
  •  Click Save Changes.




Step 3 – Go to the sub folder via File Manager and move the files to the root folder.

  • Click the /wp directory containing the WordPress abs select all the files in the folder.
  • Click the Move File icon.
  • In the Move dialog box, remove the /wp  so the path you are moving to is /public_html or Addon domain folder
  • Click Move Files.



That’s it ! You’ve moved your WordPress to the root folder.


INFO: If you experience any issues with your WordPress links please install Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin.


TIP: Please see more articles regarding WordPress here.

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